Welcome to the Artists' Orchard

We are proud to be a traditional publisher.  What does that mean?  Two things.

Our authors put a lot of time and effort, heart and soul, into their works.  In some cases, it is their life's work.  The Artists' Orchard was created to give a voice to talented writers and amazing stories.  So, please buy our books.  They are available at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, booksamillion.com, and right here at theartistsorchard.com.

Authors published by The Artists' Orchard never pay for publishing services. Their books are professionally edited, designed and distributed to retailers through Ingram. The Artists' Orchard transforms a manuscript into a polished book and makes it available for sale at no cost to the author.
We do not publish every manuscript we receive. In fact, we are quite selective. A lot of time and care is invested in each book we publish, so The Artists' Orchard usually publishes only one book per year.

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