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To be considered for publishing by The Artists' Orchard, please send a plot summary for fiction or a subject overview for nonfiction, plus the first 10 pages of the manuscript and a detailed marketing strategy or a query to:

We will ask to see complete manuscripts of proposals we may want to pursue.

 Authors of fiction and non-fiction works are invited to submit.

 Fiction genres include literary, historical, existential/philosophical, some suspense, and manuscripts focusing on artistic themes. We avoid romance, western, sci-fi and horror. Quality of writing and strength of story are the primary ingredients of the manuscripts we seek.

 Non-fiction works should be long-form journalism featuring strong research and attention to detail. Genres include cultural and social topics such as economics, the arts, politics, history, environment, science, minority issues and crime. Memoirs are welcomed, but we avoid self-help and how-to genres.

 Whether fiction or non-fiction, quality of writing, well-developed characterization, plot strength and power of narrative and stories that are different or that make a difference will catch our attention.

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